Top Signs You’ve Got Adrenal Fatigue – And What to Do about It

In recent years, a lot of cases have come up regarding adrenal fatigue out of which most are caused due to the impact of covid-19. Adrenal fatigue is a group of symptoms that are observed in patients that are under long-term psychological or physical stress.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue often include prolonged or excessive exhaustion, difficulty waking up in the morning or falling asleep, mood swings, inability to cope with stress, or using caffeine and sugar to get through the day.

Stress can often cause the adrenal glands to increase their output of cortisol which boosts your energy for a short time. However, when this becomes a constant or daily thing, this stress can often become chronic, and your adrenals may struggle to maintain the output.

This can lead to your fight or flight response shutting down all bodily systems needed for repair, rest, and digestion which often leads to burnout and tiredness and can affect your immunity, sleep, fertility, and thyroid health in the long run.

Adrenal fatigue treatment

Before adrenal fatigue treatment you need to understand what the causes of this ailment are. If you suffer from tiredness, lack of motivation, brain fog, and other symptoms you need to see a medical professional.

Certain adrenal fatigue symptoms like anemia, autoimmune diseases, infection, and other hormonal impairments are among just some of the medical conditions that could lead to adrenal fatigue. If your medical professional feels that you may have adrenal fatigue, then you may need to change up certain things in your daily life.

Most often patients can also get depression and anxiety which may have symptoms like adrenal fatigue and seeing a good doctor about the same is essential.

Defining adrenal fatigue

The answer is straightforward when it comes to the symptoms of adrenal fatigue you need to find a doctor or an endourologist that can help you tackle these symptoms. Most professionals emphasize that adrenal fatigue can often stem from a hormonal imbalance, medication or perimenopause and can easily be kept under control with certain meditation.

You can deal with your stress through a healthy balanced diet, exercise, sleep or even allowing people to help you out with various day to day tasks.

It’s not just doing yoga, eating whole foods, or maintaining a healthy work-life balance; you need to consider what supplements you take as well. The US Food and Drug Administration only approve certain about of ingredients, i.e., 14% of supplements and 38% of all vitamin sales.

This means that you need to take a long hard look at what you are consuming and instead of self-medicating, head to a professional that can help you narrow down the right solution for you.

What is adrenal fatigue?

When it comes to finding out what is adrenal fatigue, you need to understand that the adrenal glands that sit above the kidney are responsible for managing stress. However, if they are never given a break from daily stress, they can often become exhausted.

Adrenal fatigue symptoms in females are often seen as a collective range of symptoms that occur when the adrenal glands function below their normal level. This can be caused due to stress or illnesses.

There are some symptoms that you need to look out for when it comes to adrenal fatigue. These are afternoon fatigue, craving sugar, acne and other skin problems, depression, low libido, poor memory, irritability, inability to cope with stress, increased PMS or feeling lightheaded at times.

What causes adrenal fatigue?

Stress is one of the main reasons when it comes to adrenal fatigue. When you experience stress and anxiety the adrenals respond by releasing hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline which boost your heart rate and blood pressure.

Long-term stress, however, can exhaust these glands and make you feel tired all the time.

Adrenal fatigue doctor in NYC

One of the top adrenal fatigue doctors in NYC determines that adrenal fatigue can be lowered or managed by following some healthy tips and altering your daily routine. These are:

Lowering stress

Your lifestyle, routine and consistency plays a huge role in adrenal health and helping you recover. Try to narrow down certain sources of stress in your life and add in more meditation, journaling, exercise, mindfulness, and even yoga to relax.

Taking supplements

Adrenal fatigue supplements are often needed in the initial phase of recovery and help regulate stress, blood sugar, and added nutrients that feed the adrenals.

You can even take certain herbs like adaptogenic herbs or bioidentical hormones that can help recharge your adrenals and balance your hormones.

After adrenal exhaustion, recovery doesn’t happen overnight. It can take a lot of time to get you to recover. For cases of mild stress or tiredness, you can expect to see recovery in around six months. However, with moderate or severe fatigue it can range from 12 to 24 months before you see any improvement.

Adrenal fatigue in NYC

When it comes to adrenal fatigue in NYC there are several steps you can take to lower stress on your adrenal glands and maintain healthy hormone levels. This can help to restore your energy and lower stress. They are as follows:

Follow a good adrenal diet

As part of the treatment for adrenal fatigue you should follow a diet comprised of lots of brightly colored vegetables, gluten-free, whole grain foods, and lean protein. Make sure you eat carbs in moderation but avoid skipping it completely.

Look for healthy carbs like quinoa, lentils, and buckwheat instead of cookies and cakes.

Go to bed early

It’s not just how much sleep you get but when you sleep. Many people experience a cortisol surge after 11 pm, which can disrupt your sleep patterns and affect your adrenal glands.

An adrenal fatigue test determined that going to bed before 11 pm can be extremely helpful to control adrenal fatigue.

Supplements can improve health

Certain supplements like B12 and folate are excellent foods for adrenal health and can help support the body’s energy production.

You can also include omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and curcumin which have anti-inflammatory properties for proper thyroid and adrenal health. Some medical professionals also include vitamin D magnesium, zinc, and selenium for proper thyroid function.


Drinking plenty of water with a pinch of Himalayan Sea salt or even fresh lemon juice can help keep your organs and glands healthy. Make sure you drink enough water during the day.

Make time to relax

For patients dealing with stress and exhaustion, take two 20 min rest breaks during your workday. If you’re at home, try to take a nap or even a walk to relax and restore your body so that you don’t feel as stressed.

Stick to low intensity workouts

While high-intensity cardio is excellent for heart health, it can burn out your adrenals if overdone. Instead, opt for exercises like yoga, Pilates, or certain core exercises to help you relax and lose weight.

Determine the cause of stress and lower it

Finding methods to cope with stress can help you lower mental stress which can be easier on your adrenals. Certain factors like living a balanced life, improving your energy and more can often help lower symptoms.

The best foods to add for your adrenal fatigue

Foods rich in vitamin C

According to medical professional Dr Shivdasani, foods like oranges and sweet limes help regulate cortisol levels, lower stress and blood pressure, and even boost immunity along with being excellent for your skin.

Eat carbs at night

Studies found that eating carbohydrates at night can help you keep your stress levels down along. Your cortisol levels are usually high during the day and will get pushed up if you only consume protein at night.

Make sure that you add whole grains like rice, roti, or millet to your dinner in a limited quantity, and eat as early as possible.

Foods high in zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B

Foods like apricots, spinach and nuts can help give you a good night’s sleep, lower the occurrence of migraine, and help relax your muscles lowering stress. Since these foods are high in protein, they can help to minimize hunger and balance your sugar levels.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Oily fish like mackerel, salmon, sardines, or trout along with lean meat are all rich sources of omega-3 and helps to boost out ability to cope with stress. Certain foods like sushi can give you the benefits of omega-3 from seafood, and vitamin b12 and magnesium from seaweed.

End Note

If you think you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue, head to a reliable adrenal fatigue doctor near me. At Patient’s Medical, top health professionals can help you take the steps to restore your energy, lower symptoms, and support your recovery for a healthy life. These doctors have been trained and are the best board-certified doctors, who can offer personalized care and get to the root cause of your illness.

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