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Among the 500 jobs your liver does are metabolizing food, regulating hormones, storing sugar, building proteins, & removing toxins. Needless to say, your liver is a busy little organ.

Keeping your liver healthy is imperative to your overall wellness. Luckily, Patients Medical offers a variety of holistic liver detoxing treatments.
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Liver Damage

The liver serves as the body’s primary filtration system and is therefore susceptible to absorbing more toxins than it is able to effectively process.

While there are many toxins that can cause liver damage, issues most commonly arise from the overconsumption of alcohol and recreational or prescription drugs. Obesity also greatly increases the risk of liver damage, as does contracting Hepatitis C or HIV.

Regular exposure to cadmium, lead, or other heavy metals can also create toxicity in the liver over time. While different kinds of toxins call for different kinds of treatments, using a holistic approach that can both detoxify the liver and promote healthy liver tissue and function can provide long-lasting benefits.

Patients Medical’s Detoxification

Patients Medical’s detox program can help rid the body of excess toxins and heavy metals like cadmium, which was recently found by scientists at Johns Hopkins to increase the risk of liver disease. The practice takes a functional medicine approach, focusing on the root cause of the condition.
Your time with Patients Medical will begin with comprehensive testing and an in-depth conversation with your physician about your overall health, symptoms, medical history, and specific health goals.

If testing reveals an excess of heavy metals, the practice can issue chelation therapy to make the metals soluble in water so your body can excrete them. Other detox methods Patients Medical offers might focus on diet, lifestyle changes, or natural supplementation.

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