Increase Energy & Improve Health With Holistic Thyroid Treatment At Bronx Clinic

If you’re suffering from unexplained weight gain or weight loss, depression, and low energy levels, you might have a thyroid issue. Improve your health and regain your energy at Patients Medical! They are a holistic wellness clinic with a patient-centered approach that prioritizes the treatment of your underlying health issues, instead of simply dealing with the symptoms.

A thyroidectomy, more commonly referred to as thyroid gland removal, is a surgery that removes a part or all of the thyroid to treat certain disorders. Patients Medical recommends this procedure as a long-term solution for hyperthyroidism and other types of thyroid dysfunction.

The thyroid regulates the production of the body’s hormones, which are essential for normal metabolic function and energy levels. When the thyroid malfunctions due to tumors, nodules, or genetic anomalies, it can cause medical conditions like goiter and Graves Disease and non-specific symptoms like chronic fatigue, unexplained weight gain or loss, dry skin and hair, cold intolerance, and mood swings.

Medication and natural hormone supplements are the first-line treatments for thyroid diseases, but when symptoms do not improve, surgery is often suggested as a long-term solution. However, you need to undergo several tests to ensure that this is the best treatment option for you.

Serum testing for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroxine (T4), and triiodothyronine (T3) are recommended to create a proper treatment plan. At the holistic wellness clinic, you are also encouraged to have the thyrotropinreleasing hormone (TRH) stimulation test, a more comprehensive procedure that also checks the condition of the pituitary gland.

The holistic wellness center believes the TRH stimulation test is the best option for checking thyroid function. The process starts by drawing a blood sample to check for baseline thyroid hormones, followed by an injection of TRH to stimulate the pituitary gland. After 30 minutes, a second sample is drawn and tested to see the gland’s real-time reaction to the TRH.

“We believe we can evaluate how well the body and organs function. We can look beneath the surface and evaluate one’s metabolic state and make the necessary changes. The TRH stimulation test is a challenging test that evaluates how well one’s pituitary and thyroid glands function. But by using the TRH stimulation test, we frequently pick up the low thyroid missed by so many doctors,” a representative said.

Thyroid disorders affect more than just how you look, but your overall health
and quality of life as well. How can you live a full life when you don’t have the
energy to get out of bed? It’s time to take charge of your health and bring Visit for more information!

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About Patients Medical is headed by Dr. Rashmi Gulati, MD who is a board-certified physician with over 20 years of integrative, functional and internal medicine experience.
Patients Medical is a holistic wellness center dedicated to helping its clients discover health and rediscover vitality. Their physicians combine the best of conventional and holistic medicine with state-of-the-art equipment to provide comprehensive care and treatment to their patients. They focus on the root causes of secondary medical conditions, integrating modern medicine, holistic practices, and natural supplements to fast-track healing and prevent disease. Every year, thousands of existing and new patients continue to visit the center, seeking an alternative medical approach to a variety of health issues.

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