Queens’ Best Naturopathic Doctors Offer Hormone Imbalance Treatments For Women

We all make unhealthy choices in our youth: smoking, drinking, too much sugar but not enough self-love or exercise. Unfortunately, these choices eventually catch up to us.

Patients Medical in Manhattan is a wellness center whose staff and treatments are uniquely suited to remedy the health concerns women often face in their 50s.

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If you’re ready to make your 50s your best, healthiest decade yet, Patients Medical 1-212-794-8800 has board-certified physicians who specialize in holistic care for your unique needs.

Some Issues For The 50s

As identified in a report issued by the CDC, on average, women’s hearts are five years older than their actual age. As women move through their 50s, their risk for heart disease grows significantly, increasing the need for lifestyle and dietary changes.

As the CDC report explains, a combination of poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and problematic lifestyle habits can lead to many of the common health problems women experience in their 50s, ultimately taking a toll on their heart health.

Women’s Wellness at Patients Medical

Patients Medical also offers unique treatment protocols for hormone imbalances, sexual health issues, digestive problems, mental health concerns, skin conditions, and weight control.

Since a lack of physical activity is often a major culprit for the medical problems of women in their 50s, Patients Medical may prescribe yoga practice or an exercise regimen. As the practice points out, regular cardiovascular activity not only stimulates circulation and boosts heart health but can also support a healthy weight and better sleep.

For women experiencing menopausal symptoms, Patients Medical can provide comprehensive testing to determine their hormone levels and create a supplementation and nutrition plan to rebalance the hormones and mitigate their symptoms.

Unwanted weight gain is something many women in their 50s struggle with and Patients Medical can not only provide guidance on nutrition and exercise, but they’ve also created a range of natural supplements that promote healthy weight loss. You can learn more about this supplement line by visiting Weight Loss

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PatientsMedical.com is headed by Dr. Rashmi Gulati, MD who is a board-certified physician with over 20 years of integrative, functional and internal medicine experience.
Patients Medical is a holistic wellness center dedicated to helping its clients discover health and rediscover vitality. Their physicians combine the best of conventional and holistic medicine with state-of-the-art equipment to provide comprehensive care and treatment to their patients. They focus on the root causes of secondary medical conditions, integrating modern medicine, holistic practices, and natural supplements to fast-track healing and prevent disease. Every year, thousands of existing and new patients continue to visit the center, seeking an alternative medical approach to a variety of health issues.

In addition, Patients Medical provides access to over 15,000 affordable supplements on their affiliated website: www.MySupplements.Store


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